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Each new product we create combines the expertise and skills of our passionate team, with the high quality materials used for producing the highest degree of white porcelain. We usually design new products in order to meet future demands from our clients, and welcome the market and fashion trends. We are proud to present our latest additions to our product portfolio – a 6 pieces olivier set, a special tea-for-2 set and a brand new pasta plate. All products can be used as individual set/product, but also together with any item from our portfolio.

Olivier 6 pieces set (ref. 1064)

Complete 6 pieces olivier, this set makes a great practical and decoration piece for your tabletop: oil and vinegar 220 ml bottles, refillable salt and pepper shakers and toothpick holder. Produced from high-quality white porcelain, this set makes the perfect addition to every restaurant’s lunch or dinner.

Tea for 2 (ref. 1065)

This elegant tea set for 2 includes a 380 ml teapot with 2 cups and 2 saucers. Each cup measures 180 ml making this set the perfect choice for sharing a tea experience. All pieces are made of high-quality white porcelain which guarantees a long lasting service.

Pasta plate (ref. 591/8)

Restaurants could benefit from this amazing design and high-quality porcelain to showcase their culinary art to their customers. Plus, extra space on the table is a bonus as this plate is 28 cm in diameter. Although we named it a pasta plate, this item can actually have a multitude of uses from salads to cream soups to fancy deserts and, of course, pasta!

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