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Did you often have dilemmas in choosing your porcelain dishes? Axa Porcelaine is able to offer you consultancy regarding the number of dishes you need and also regarding the appropriate model for your location.

Our specialists are ready to meet your needs with attractive offers adapted both to a classical style (round, oval shapes etc) and also to a modern style (nonconformist shapes as triangle, square, octagonal) which will bring more freshness to your place.

In a world where the tendencies of the fashion – no matter which aspects – are in permanent transformation, Axa Porcelaine understands the need of the clients to stand out. For this reason we try to create new models all the time both at our clients request and by our own inspiration.

For sure many of you wanted at a certain moment your very own cup of coffee of which to say “it is mine and only mine”. At Axa Porcelaine this wish can came true. In the same way, we can brand your own logo on all the dishes that will equip your location.


We are waiting for you !