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About us

Since the beginning a very important aspect was the quality of the products, in order to be able to enter on the international market.

1991 First sale of decorated porcelain articles from the production made by 3 people in an 84 sqm area
1992 the number of employees raised to 22
1993 the location of the factory changed to an area of 1.500 sqm
1995 the production capacity grew by acquisition of 2 firing kilns of 3.6 and 6 cubic meters. Preparation shave been made for the introduction of a new range of products for the hospitality / HORECA industry
1997 the production grew to 500 tones/year
2000 the export percentage raises to 92%. A new piece of land of 800 sqm (total 2.300 sqm production site) was acquired and a new building section has been started
2001 the production for HORECA sector reaches 90% of sales
2004 whole production is made only for HORECA sector
2005 40% of production has as destination the Romanian market while the rest is exported
2007 the certified degree of whiteness (84%) is the highest achieved by a Romanian production company
2008 the percentage of sales for the Romanian market is 50%
2009 at clients’ request, we stated marketing and selling inventory objects additional to porcelain: glasses, stainless steel cutlery, objects for breakfast and buffet
2010 due to strong development of the tourism industry in Romania, 70% of production is dedicated to hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. The rest si still being exported
2011 to provide customers with an exceptional design and better prices (production prices), AXA Porcelaine becomes partner of Guy Degrenne (France), a company which produces stainless steel cutlery and crystalline glasses(low lead glasses).
2012 AXA Porcelaine is exhibiting with it’s own booth in Frankfurt Ambiente, leading international trade fair for consumer goods. Participation continues every year with bigger and more interesting booths
2013 an investment of 130.000 euro was made for the glaze kilns in order to raise the quality offered to our customers and, why not, to keep up with the latest technology for refractory products
2016 a new machine for cups and bowls was put into production in order to raise the daily capacity by almost 30%.

In this moment we have both technology and personnel qualified to make the whole range of porcelain, both decorative and tableware. 

The experience on porcelain market, the production we make, the variety of our products, the modern technology used and a infrastructure at European level, the professionalism of our personnel and also the place we have on the market gave us the possibility to … our clients and also to find new opportunities of collaboration

Our production capacity is in such way calculated than gives the possibility to honor promptly our client’s orders. As a specific characteristic of Axa Porcelaine is the malleability and the easier way we can adapt to each change on the market. 

Right now we produce short series of products (thousand pieces / article), and all the products are made as shape and characteristics by the necessities of our clients

Our purpose

A customer with a soul forever young, which knows how to appreciate value and a remarkable design, modern for a hotel in the middle of the city or classic for a mountain bread and breakfast location.