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Common sense and originality will always be the main elements which will lead to a warm, aloof, special reception for guest of all sorts. Creating a feeling of relaxation, of belonging – which is actually the key to success for a HoReCa partner – is one of the objectives every manager should want to reach, porcelain inventory being one of the main visual elements possibly enchanting the client’s eye.

Choosing the right porcelain is a hard task, but with the help of our personnel, all this will be much easier, flexibility in working with our partners and the design’s novelty being two main characteristics for Axa Porcelaine.


Axa Porcelain’s product range will allow you to set the table in a useful layout, but also an attractive design. Our products will allow an economical storage and their dimensions fall into the European standards for catering. You can order both as a range or individually

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Through the strategic partnership with the company Guy Degrenne - France and Sola - Netherlands brand, we can offer a variety of cutlery suitable as quality, utility, design. Made of stainless steel, classic or contemporary style, the cutlery has a great endurance even under intense use.

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Made of glass or crystalline, these glasses will make the wine tasting to be an unforgettable experience. Either transparent or colored , with or without stem , can be used for any occasion. You can choose from economical range (glass) or premium (crystalline) .

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Perfect branded items to use throughout your day! Choose between logo branded products or full band decoration. All our products can be used in the microwave oven or dishwasher (except decoration with gold or platinum).

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