Porcelain producer in Alba Iulia

AXA PORCELAINE, Producer of porcelain in Alba Iulia

Recommended products

Bucuresti dinner set

375,39 Lei

VENUS MIRACLE dinner set

508,60 Lei

Cappuccino cup and saucer CFP 225

22,39 Lei

SYMPHONY table fork

14,58 Lei

RABBIT porcelain children set

51,83 Lei


9,04 Lei

6 pieces olivier set

111,36 Lei

Dublin dinner set

428,73 Lei

For us, passion means many things, but above all, it means our determination and work done to always provide the best products. Passions is not something you siomply have, but something you develop, inherit, learn and, above all, feel. That's the way things are in our family. AXA Porcelaine is a producer from Alba Iulia which has been making high quality for both the local and international market for over 30 years.

Free samples
Free samples

You can ask for free samples in order to see how they fit in your location.

Electronic branding simulation
Electronic branding simulation

You can ask for electronic branding simulation in order to see how products look like before ordering.

Re-order with ease
Re-order with ease

You don't have to worry you won't find the same design you already purchased in the past. You can re-order whatever you need years later.

Cutlery, glasses and porcelain tableware
Cutlery, glasses and porcelain tableware

We offer integrated table arrangement solutions. Now it is much easier for your inventory to buy everything you need from the same supplier.

Advice in choosing the best solution
Advice in choosing the best solution

Our specialists can help you choose the best solution for your location without any additional charge.

Development of new products
Development of new products

We have our in-house development site so that we can create new products whenever needed.

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