Choose porcelain!

Do you know that for the paper cups a company uses more resources than a company that produces porcelain cups?

The German Department for Customers Safety draws attention to paper cups that we use for drinks and details that for paper cups we use more resources than for porcelain cups. Practically, 10 paper cups with a single use, are the equivalent of 1 porcelain cup which is eco-friendly and can be used for a much longer time.


Specialists say that the bamboo cups are also dangerous because they contain plastics, melamine and other toxic substances. We can’t use the bamboo cups in the microwave. Also, the bamboo cups are not biodegradable. Studies show that porcelain is recommended because is eco-friendly and doesn’t produce any reactions when it comes in contact with food.

Source: Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V, The Royal Institute of Technology, Schweden, CIRAIG Montréal (QC) CanadaKoenitz Newsletter

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