Passion runs in the family

For us, passion means many things, but mostly, it stands for our determination and hard work for always delivering the best products. Passion is not something you simply have, it is something you develop, inherit, teach and above anything, you feel. It has always been done like this in our family.

Our family. Because we are a family. Small at first, only 3 people in a small room, manufacturing porcelain products upon our own designs. This was back in 1991, a year of trial and error for most of the Romanian new privately-owned companies. We were producing porcelain artistic decorated products, both for small companies and shops.

In our passion, we celebrated each success, small or big, each new member to our team, each new collection of beautiful, white porcelain. We kept going ahead on the road chosen, as our name also states – Axa – a straight line.

We are still a family today. A bigger one, of about 60 members, in a space more than 100 times larger than the one we started in. But this is what usually happens to businesses that keep going in the right direction, following their passion. We are still based in our home city of Alba Iulia, a place well-known for the production of porcelain.

Our best kept secret

We are present now on both the Romanian and European markets, delivering our passionately manufactured porcelain products to clients all over the world. We proud ourselves with our ability to be flexible and to adapt to any client solicitation or request, to any new trends and market demands.

Even from the very beginning, we wanted to make sure that we can maintain our competitive advantages – the quality of our products and the superior degree of whiteness, insured by combining high-quality raw materials with using our own recipe in the production process.

From small to big

It meant a lot of hard work and determination. But frankly, we enjoyed every minute of it so much, that it seems it only lasted a second. We now have a portfolio of over 1.000 individual porcelain products. Most of them are tableware products for HoReCa, but we also produce private label products most requested by our clients. All of them are our own designs and manufacturing. We are also proud to offer our clients with the possibility of creating new products on request. We own the technology and personnel qualified to make the whole range of porcelain products.

Understanding our clients’ needs and businesses made us realize we must offer integrated tableware solutions. Starting 2010, we have a strategic partnership with the French company Guy Degrenne, offering an extensive range of glasses, crystal glasses and stainless steel cutlery. Later on, the Dutch brand Sola also added its portfolio of stainless steel cutlery.

Since 2012, we are present each year with our own exhibition stand in Frankfurt Ambiente, the leading international trade fair for consumer goods, a strategic decision that brings a flow of new customers and collaborators each year.

All this makes us one of the top 5 leading Romanian companies in the tableware industry and 2nd place porcelain producer in Romania.

Long-lasting relationships

More than 80% of our clients are long-term relations. Why? Simply because it is much easier to work with someone who knows you and your services, who can adapt to all your needs and who can supplement all your orders each year, so you will never run out or overuse your tableware products. And this is us, Axa Porcelaine.

We treat our customers like we treat our friends or family, because they are our partners and we offer only the best quality to partners. Like you would to your best friend.

A quarter of a century later…

Was the road smooth throughout these years? Probably not always, but we enjoyed every step of the way, and we have learned from all our mistakes. This is what makes us stronger every day. Oh, yes, and our passion for porcelain, of course.

Why work with AXA Porcelaine?

a few advantages…

1. You can test free samples

2. You can have product simulations and you know how products will look even before you order

3. You are served promptly

4. You can always reorder any products from your initial order, year after year

5. We offer consultancy in choosing the best option for your product/ order

6. We offer complete tableware solutions – porcelain products, glasses and cutlery

7. We have our own creation department and we can always design the products you desire

8. We reward our loyal customers


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