30 years of Axa Porcelaine

This year marks our 30th anniversary. Is it a lot or a little?

We remembered, together with the Axa Porcelaine team, bits and pieces of these years. Some colleagues are with us from the very first year of activity. They now have children, who also have children of their own. We remembered the first products made in the factory. The figurines that are nowadays no longer in demand. The first orders. The first products created from scratch according to the industry trends.

Today we are the second porcelain tableware manufacturer in Alba County and in Romania, with a portfolio of over 1000 individual porcelain products. These 30 years passed so quickly, sometimes with big, heavy steps, other times with small and fast steps. But all were on the same path, always ascending, always towards something better and more beautiful. The only thing that hasn’t changed at all this time is our passion – the passion for porcelain. The emotion that we feel every time we take the still soft products out of the molds, and we prepare them for their first fireing.The sincere joy when we prepare them for delivery, always paying attention to packaging them well, in order to reach their destination in the best conditions. And the extraordinary pride when we stop to eat somewhere in the country, and the food, coffee or tea are served in a product made by us.

So what have these years meant to us?

Growth, development, a lot of work, seriousness, ambition, adaptating, experience, continuity. 30 years of experience recommends us as one of the most serious and qualitative producers of porcelain tableware. Recognized throughout the country and in most of Europe, Axa Porcelaine constantly collaborates with a large number of customers in the field of HoReCa and retail, in the Business-to-Business segment.

We now have 10, 15, 20 year old clients with us. We have flagship products, with a tradition in Romania. We have strong partnerships with manufacturers of cutlery and glasses. We have constantly invested in quality technology and raw materials, a strategy that has brought us recognition in the domestic and international market. Axa Porcelaine products are appreciated for their increased durability and superior whiteness, ensured by combining high quality raw materials with the use of our own recipe in the production process.

Founded in 1991, Axa Porcelaine is a second-generation family business. The Sarmeș family founded the porcelain factory, and the team had 3 members at that time. Today, the team has over 50 members, and the management of the factory was joined by Amalia Baciu-Sarmeș, the daughter of the two founders, who took over the sales, marketing and operations. We have always been alongside our clients, and we have tried to help them with realistic and specialized services. Among the benefits we offer are specialized consulting in selecting the most suitable products for our customers, the ability to test free samples and see product simulations, along with experience in table arrangement solutions. One of the advantages that our customers enjoy is continuity – the ability to order products from the original order at any time, thus complementing at any time the sets purchased with the same shape of products.
In 2020 we launched the online store, a decision that we are happy about, because we see a continuous growth of this sector.

We look to the future with confidence and joy. We have many ideas, which we can’t wait to put into practice. We want to continue on the same path, because the passion for porcelain is still here in our hearts.

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